The Black Death

by Poltergeist

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    releases March 12, 2013

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Debut album from Tetractys Productions recording artist, Poltergeist aka San Exiquio aka Z aka Sunny Corleone


releases March 12, 2013

Written, composed, recorded, performed and mixed by E. Cooper-Anderson for Tetractys Productions, LLC.

A Beautiful Mind co-written, co-recorded, co-mixed by A. Green for ASI Records Inc.

Mastered by Sage Audio Mastering



all rights reserved


Poltergeist Santa Fe, New Mexico

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Track Name: Reintroduction

Disgruntle veterans move on side of me
Got a young broad who skin’s the colored Ivory
I’m Blacks as Elijah, I study Muhammad
Shout out to Issa and all of the Prophets
Allahuakbar, Z in building
when I say peace it’s cuz how I’m living
plus what I carry, it ain’t slim jim
You’ll get burried fucking with Him him
Who that? Z that. Posted up like Remax
Sure to blow your mind like Lincoln for the greenbacks
A little history, I ain’t got no birthdate
They still fucking with Z like it’s third base
We going all in, So put yo dogs in
Screamin’ All is Well before All Men
It’s me y’all, Big Z, y’all
I’m bout to drop in this bitch like free fall

Murkology, studied Crimonology
Stole that Wu tape and I would have stole Wallabees
Burgundy Sauconys, Polo with the Pony
Might rock Tommy like my white boy Tony
Ain’t never graduate, but niggas say I’m say I’m smart
Ain’t never bust a thing, but niggas say they hard
Me, I got it in, took some on the chin
Might have got jumped, I might have jumped in
Hinesvillian made nigga, never been slave nigga
I could be assed out, but I’m still getting paid nigga
Could be program money, or that slow jam money
The world belongs to God, nknow that, money
Z boy a g-boy, shout out to my b-boys
I pushed a little weed boy, but never been a d-boy
Partners doing years, they women shedding years
I smoke to the memory of my niggaz who ain’t here.

What’s up then....
They don’t like me....
Well, then fuck em
No father so call don’t son
The name’s Z cuz I’m the last one
It’s getting, It’s getting, it’s getting It’s kinda heavy
I Got the Power, nigga, I got the Juice

Now that we are acquainted, Let’s get on to the Black Death,...
Track Name: Enter Poltergeist
Uh.. you can call me Polter though
Ain’t La Emme, but I’m all up in you barrio
Mucho Gusto, smoke on that you know
Blunts get rolled fatter that sumo
Sun, but don’t call me ijo
Love, Truth, Freedom, Justice, Peace to them People
Flow so devilish, words kill evil
Polter conceited, I have no equal
Equality, move where marauders be
D-Harmony, online pharmacy
For me goonlums, half them Golems
Hotter than heat, colder than frozen
Chill... I’m ill like Missy
Lord tell MJ I’m about make HIStory
This is my story, but fuck glory
I want gory, Hanzo Hitori

Say, Polter, what it hittin’ fo?
I ain’t Shawty, but the gettin’s Lo
Haaaaaaeeeeh... San Exiquio
Enter Poltergeist like the here it go
Poltergeist ain’t nothing to fuck with
Sunny Christ (ASI) ain’t nothing to fuck with
This shit is something to fuck with
Love you long time, hope that you yeah, yeah

Uh... you can call me Polter Get it
Almighty, so you know got the A fitted
These rappers phony and they slave shifting
I’m Niggatillian, now watch me shape shift it
Nissan, Black Mask, Stick shifting
Gran Polterismo, game Playstation
My beats in the background superstition
Words is with god, so religious
Uh... I’m liver than your fantasy
I make look Simple, Can it Be
This the Shogun’s temple, better wash you feet
Or I will smash your temple across this concrete.
Fly like like Savannah Sand Gnat
Piff have me Toasty, Mortal Kombat
A, B, A, C, A B, B, that’s the blood code
Better Look Out Or Die, ain’t that the Blood code?
Track Name: The OtherS***
Uh I’m higher than a spaceship
Uh, Shout out to my spaceship
Uh, Y’all been slavin’ since the slaveship
UFO, nigga, yeah I’m going alien

Adios and I ain’t even say konichiwa
You need that dro, they got that for you up in Kennesaw
That Georgia pine got a nigga feeling fine with it
Them hunger pains got a nigga on the grind with it
Uh, Hinesvillian nigga out here living it
And I’m from Georgia so know a nigga getting it
Trying to stack it like the snow do Maine, tho
Trying to stack it like the youngin in the gang, ho
Call me Poltergeist, you know I’m finna dead the shit
A young black nigga, sorta like the president
Unknown, Ghost zone is what I represent
Until I die even if that shit irrelevant
Pass that bomb bag, screaming like its Steve Rif
Stars shine... until the Sun eclipse
Mitsubishi, black mask like its Nissan
Adios and I ain’t even say konichiwa

Adios and I ain’t even say konichiwa
You need that purp, they got that work in Savannah, dogg
That southern smoke got a nigga in yoke with it
When they say go, then you know I’m finna go on get it
Uh, Hinesvillian nigga till I’m dead with it
and I smoke blunts for each and everyone of my dead nigga
Trill spit... God don’t tell no lies folk
Trill shit... put that on the five loc
Almost 30 with it, I ain’t trying bang nothing
But I’m made nigga case you wanna bring something
Ol camofraud niggas better stop fronting
Nigga’s hungry out here and we head hunting
As I murk this I can the video
Smoking blunts with Farrakhan on Arsenio
Suited up, scrapped up, Fruit of Islam
Adios and I ain’t even say konichiwa

Adios and I ain’t even say konichiwa
You need that loud they got piles in Augusta, dogg
That Georgia Kush got a nigga George Bush’n it
I’m half a crook, if you don’t look then I’m juxin it
Uh, Hinesvillian, RIP Dawayne Polk
Crips, Bloods, GDs, All is Well, Folk
I get it by book, ain’t as stupid as I look
Might be shaking go head thinking this a nigga shook
I come up out that Army, Uncle Sam can eat dick
Southeast Georgia, Coastal Empire, SEGA, bitch
Fuck Prentendo kids who ain’t bout nothing
91Tru in this bitch and we head hunting
I get it or 404 or 505 anyway
I get it 410 or 207 any day
Coke colored rifled, heroin camouflage
Adios and I ain’t even say koncihiwa

Uh, I’m flyer than the Mothership
Uh, and they lying the government
Uh, they stay up on that sucker tip
me, I’m like go on with the other shit
With that other shit, bounce other shit
Fuck the dumb shit, be out with the other shit
Uh, they stay up on the buster tip
me, I’m like go on with the other shit

Uh I’m higher than a spaceship
Uh Shout out to my spaceship
Y’all been slavin’ since slaveship
UFO, nigga, I’m going alien

Followed by UFO
Track Name: UFO (Alien)
UFO (Alien)

Parasite mic
Hermaphrodite type
Go fuck yourself
Ye ain’t Poltergiest nice
Nicer than Christ is
High like prices
Old Pharaoh flow
Tattoed with the Isis
Smoke Master Yin
While I stay on my Yang
Don’t mind me
I’m just doing my thang
Evergreen nigga
I was raised in a house
I’m just a wild young nigga
Who was raised in the south
There it is, there it ain’t
It’s fuck what you think
I was kicked out the Army
but the kid hold rank
I’m Left side, outside,
inside out
RIP Dirty
Like goodbye to the South
Salute da kid
FBI be watching
Love the shit
Got my buzz so poppin
I pop out
On some ol ufo shit
I nod out
On some ol ufo shit

I’m gone....
Space voyage
My phone....
This is Stars Wars...
And I’m the Black Sith
That Alien.....
Got me Mothership lit

I’m gone REPEAT

So Monica
it’s going it... gone

Jurassic park dart
Drink blood from heart
Float on the scene
real mean, Noah’s Ark
Meaner than Satan
So sick it’s pagan
Smoke so good
Shawty think I’m Jamaican
This rap thing is nathan
I prophet like Nathan
Fuckin’ up the scene
I’m a bad occasion
Polter gone wild with it
Soldier my style with it
No, I don’t smile with it
Even as a child with it
Walk in then I turn up
Shoutout to 2 Chainz
Call him Sun, I burn up
Now I got 2 names
Ok I got a few names
I heard you got a 2 chains
Half the homies crooks
So now we got a 2 thangs
I does what I wanna do
What marijuana do
Jane and I rendevue
I’m high like 12 Noon
I pop out
On some ol ufo shit
I nod out
On some ol ufo shit

I’m gone....
Space voyage
My phone....
This is Stars Wars...
And I’m the Black Sith
That Alien.....
Got me Mothership lit

I’m gone REPEAT

So Monica
it’s going it... gone
Track Name: I Hear It
Beanie Sigel, I see you

(Primal beat)

Go where they won’t they go
Move where they don’t know
Twist one for the dolo
This one for the solo
Blow or we won’t grow
Blow on that hydro
Fuck you and so so
What you got on my doe
Vato in the lo lo
Up in Espan Yo Yo
Used to bump Yo Yo
But that was a long time ago
Mad long rhyme ago
This a different a episode
Realest lie I ever told
Stole it like a cameo
Raised like an animal
Eat like a cannibal
Broke bread with Hannibal
Poltergeist tyrannical
Looking at her cantaloupes
I wonder if we can elope
Incredible like the Hulk
Murder that She never wrote
This the Raven and I quote
Wes Craven’s what I smoke
Calm and collective flow
Floating from out my throat
Cleaner than Zest soap
Dirtier than cut dope
Would say I’m cutthroat
If it wasn’t for your cut throat

i can hear him coming in the air tonight

(I hear them trees talk)

Verse 2

Expert with gun in hand
Move it like I’m Cunningham
Family like you mother and
Father, son and daughter and
the family doberman
My style is doper than
Weed, X, Coca and
Oxicotin Vicatin
Judge like I’m Taliban
Love, never heard of that
Kill like Roberta Flack
That’s my nigga, Samurai Jack
Clean like aristocrat
But he got the pistol strap
Me, I ‘m just a diplomat
I’m in it for the dental plan
Yes I am the Son of Man
I profit like Abraham
Deadly like a NATO plan
Stab you in you naval gland
Play you like the Naval band
High of that basil grass
Popping like J-Lo’s ass
Suffering like succatash
Run up in that sucka’s stash
Whip that motherfucker’s ass
Out, disappearing act
Dip like a lightning flash
Twist up back at lab
Gone of that Devil’s hash
Smashed like shattered glass
Blown like scattered ash

I hear them trees talk
Track Name: A Beautiful Mind (Dream) [feat GSB of AudioSociety]
Verse 2

Fascist dream of the day that they gain mind control
They ain’t dreaming, It’s enough to Hussein a hole
Then I woke up, business up, voluptu bucks
Million dollars Dreams, Dibiase, armor trucks
Platinum shovels for ditch digging young niggaz
Only yesterday that they used to hung niggaz
Imagine dreaming of the day when chains is gone
Hijackers still alive even when the planes is gone
They made us King Kong, dreaming, maybe Tokyo
Tricknology odyssey, watch the okee doke
Hokey dokey, you dance like the Hokey Pokey
When the dreamers roll up you rollie pollie
Holy Moly, Musa, & Yacub
We guide them like stars on the nautical
In my cubicle hacking out my next move
Real discriminative, that’s how the vets move
Didn’t say it, fuck you if you didn’t play it
Smoke wise for the unwise who didn’t make it
Who got tricked out the streets, Slim Dunk
I love my niggaz, so I smoke big blunts
That shit kick, it hit like it was two Chucks
The high swing around again like its nunchucks
Then I’m Bruce Lee, one with water, son
Sonning niggas, but I only got a daughter, son
Beginning was the Word and the Word was with Gen
Then Poltergeist rose from the Grave of Sin
Battle with the devil, Elijah Muhammad
Allahu Akbar, Peace to the Prophets
The 7th scroll open and I seen myself in it
Type to curse the Captain and smack the Lieutenant
Respect is earned, I see Babylon burn
The fire ignites the light in the George Burns
Dreamed with Penobscots on Indian Island
Where ain’t shit sweet, but children is smilng
Sipping sweet chai with a young ass Iraqi nigga
72 virgins,a happy nigga

Thanks for setting this off, Gen!
Track Name: The Watchers

Oh..! you spinning wheel like Sajack
Well.., my niggas bout to dead that
Oh..! you balling like Steve Nash
Well.., my niggas bout to dead that.. shh
We move like Bin Laden ... shh
And my niggas been plottin... shh
And we know that they watching... shh
But we watching the watchers...

mobb deep

I break bread, ribs, call me 100 dollar P
HNIC, but ain’t with Mobb Deep
But I’m deep with mob, got work like a job
Beefing with the bull get you ate like the hog
Strike at your artery once you get the starting me
Murder these cats, but Obama might pardon me
Excuse me, pardon me, goons on the party scene
Daughter getting potty trained, smack you with her potty seat
Poltergeist dead the shit, Hip Hop president
Feds say it’s evident, rapper slash terrorist
Fuck what you represent, me I’m too elegant
Big like an elephant, Please keep Pelican
Brief, muhfucka, Breath, muhfucka
Ain’t seen nan nattah like me mufucka
Poltergeist get it though, Holy San Exiquio
Bitches talking hella shit, I’m too deaf to hear em though

Verse 2, even more deadly the first
Needles in your head, man it only gets worse
First thing first, I need a new hearse
You putting in that work or you put inside the earth
6 in the dirt, Super Soakers squirt
Fuck these bitches, whistle while I twerk
And fuck these snitches, they might get hurt
That’s promise not a threat and I put in a verse
Call me dark matter, the only the one that matters
Run rings around niggas like the rings around Saturn
My pockets getting fatter, My anger’s getting madder
PTSD, my thoughts are mad scattered
You mad the Hatter, I move like data
Poltergeist Jackson, now niggas who’s badder
Feds check the chatter, but they can’t add up
How I’m a nigga so slim but he fat like Albert
Track Name: The Theology of Time
I said...
Lord, forgive these niggas for fucking with me, they ain’t fucking with me
They know not what they do, this piff is fucking with me, come fuck with me
Style flip like gymnastic tricks, while you suck like a nasty chick
Thug Passion with a blunt of piff have me bout ready to wreck a bitch
I lean, bounce and rock and roll and politic like Robert Dole
With one arm I’m scoring more, couldn’t do it even if you sold your soul
I’mma buy it, come and try it, what up Flip, what a diet
Sucka free, you don’t like it, See through niggaz like a psychic
I’m a priest, call me witch doctor, smoke this, it’ll have you proper
I pop off like Redenbacher, don’t grow no dread, but I’m a rasta
What up Pastor? Parson Troy. I’m a Down South Georgia boy
I love big ass girls and big ass toys and big ass guns that make big ass noise
They call me Z, like Mr T. I pity the fool that fuck with me
Every I bar I spit is platinum rich, every verse I kick is a luxury
Ain’t no mystery, to you misery Poltergeist is making history
What you posed to be, is you kidding me, you food like rotisserie

Lord..... they ain’t ready for the Poltergeist
Hurry up, we’re waiting on you *(x2)

I siad
God---> let these niggaz see the light
Another dimension nigga that’s my word to Jesus Christ
I’m Bhramah, this Kharma, California, call it Riverside
I’m from Hinesville, Georgia but I just call it Niggacide
Oooh, this oooh got me thinking that I’m 40 Water
I’m Rick Rude, but you address me SGT Slaughter
Cobra Clutch, Rude Awakening, I’m the Iron Man
Nintendo brat, matter of fact, I’m going Mega Man
Woody Allen of this rap shit, eating good like a fat bitch
Everything around here classic, When you spit they be like that’s it
That’s the joint, that’s the jam, turn that shit up and play it again
Been around the world and I can’t find a jam that I don’t damn
I slam dance like busta move, might busta rhyme, might busta tool
I’m such a fool that’s dropping jewels, smoke honey dew in middle school
Blame Triple Six, I’m taking hits and smoking on that pizurp
I’m going retarded like I’m Steve Martin trying make it jizerk

Lord..... they ain’t ready for the Poltergeist
Hurry up, we’re waiting on you *(x2)
Track Name: The Black Death
Niggas ain’t ready for the guillotine
No, they ain’t ready the submachine
No X4

Is this life
Is this death
I don’t know
It’s your guess

Shadows of a night follow steady follow me
Goons, ghosts, and goblins, is this Halloween
I see from it from the mountaintop, Black Death
Now it’s time to show you what business is

Black Death

Niggas ain’t ready for the guillotine
No, they ain’t ready the submachine
No X4
Is this life
Is this death
I don’t know
It’s your guess

Shadows of a night follow steady follow me
Goons, ghosts, and goblins, is this Halloween
I see from it from the mountaintop, Black Death
Now it’s time to show you what business is

I’m too turned up for these fuck boys
I’m too turned up for these lunch boys
So fuck them niggas, and the other side
Go kill yourself, suicide <whisper>
I’m too on it for a nigga hating on me
I’m too on it for a nigga snaking on
So fuck nigga step to the other side
I’m killin all you kin genocide

I’m too turned up for a sucker bitch
I’m too turned up, tell her suck a dick
So fuck them bitches, and the other side
I will dead them hoes, homicide
I’m too on it for a nigga trippin on me
I’m too on it for a nigga snitching on me
So sucker bitch move to the other side
This will kill all my friends, fratricide
Track Name: Celebration
I jumped up on the scene with my theme looking mean
I bounced in this bitch and finnah fucking lean
Evergreen was scene where a nigga smoke green
Optimos stuffed clean with the sensimillia leaf
Now smoke gas, put a nigga on his ass
Ain’t never sold crack, but I might have sold you bags
Call it spreading love, that all across the map
Santa Fe I’m at, finnah put her on stamp it on the map
Ok I was a soldier in the street and the middle east
Now I’m stacking green and I’m finnah be a beast
Got the game on a leash, picked it up in South East
Georgia, Say it, SEGA what it be?
What it look like? A crook right?
Don’t answer that, this a jux, sike
...Nah, this a celebration
I smoke these motherfuckers like a blunt in Jamaica

Cuz you never know when that shit gonna end
Hater where you at cuz we feed off the hating
I hope you turned up cuz this a celebration
Cuz you never know when that shit gonna end
We breathing now and you looking like patient
I’m outta here like them white boys on vacation.
Track Name: RIP San Exiquio
All I need is one blunt..

All I know is Optimo
please excuse me while I dro
Jesus Christ, Water Flow
The late Great San Exiquio

Call me Poltergiest get it and a nigga got it
Move like the drugs, Afghan narcotic
So unbeatiful, anti melodic
Speak so devilish, but I’m pro Prophet
Self taught by Elijah Muhammad
Raised by Ralph, the Seal of the Prophets
Allahuakbar, Zcaine a rock star
Polter the Bully developed by Rock Star
Red Dead Redemption, used to skip detention
Remind me I’m the illest if I forget to mention
I was taught to respect all thing sentient
But I was sent to bring God to this dimension
Know thyself theory, love Beverly Clearly
Hold Judy Blume dearly, for the children really
Scholar if you hear me, prove that you feel me
Black as manure, I’m the shit really

Call me Poltegeist get it and you already know it
I’m an unlettered scholar and a African poet
Float like I’m Moses, parting the crowd
I don’t puff Wu, but I fuck with that Loud
Steve Rifkind should get back to sniffin
And catch something so dope fresh from the kitchen
I move chickens, Atlanta I listen
So fuck all them old ass niggas that’s dissin
They robbin the children, destroying not building
But what a wonderful feeling when I’m up in the building
Lucky Luciano, move like Sopranos
Frank Nitti with hands like Rocky Marciano
The Black Hand controlled by the black man
So serious like India and Pakistan
Bomb like my is name Rebel INS
Get paid like tax, Polter IRS

Call me Porltergeist get it and you got got
Don’t get me started or I will dead the spot
Own .380, might have a glock
If I’m up in you lady she’ll be loving the...
Hold up, wait a cottonpicking minute
Get rich like who? off picking cottonpicking women
I’m Nolan Ryan and this the 9th inning
pitch after pitch with nann nigga hittin
Fo sho sho, Let me teach like a dojo
Slick like your pastor preaching that gospel
Nasty Nasdaq crashed your Dow Jones
Left it untitled because who would have known
That the undead would rise and crush microphones
Equality’s my name get played like Xylophones
Fucking with I better take you a Q
U ain’t getting shit from me but and IOU

Peace to the pioneers and when y’all go may you rest in it.
Track Name: Black Mass
Farrakhan, malcolm, elijah

Black Mass,
Don’t like it kiss my Black Mass
Like P. Pat
Run up on ya with the Black Mask
No Jet Li
Just Polter Gretzky
The Great Z
Floating like a Jet Ski
I paid him off, no Madoff
I’m what made the Wall fall
Berlin Love it
Molest it in public
Administration blunted
Phillie love
Pass it all around
You can smell the funk
from that James Brown
I got soul
Salaam Al Rakim
Peace, No problems
I’m mathematical
Mortal Kombatable
No competition
To the superstitious
My flow is religion
Ain’t a d-boy
But this fresh out the kitchen

Black Mass
Taurus 2 Horns, do the math
You don’t add?
I hope I don’t have to subtract
Divide and conquer
Multiply like monsters
Shoot like Contra
With a gun out of Gotham
Peace to DC
King David the sage
Puffing on that Afro
Lady of Rage
On the front page
No noose on my neck
You can have it for a day
But it’s mine for the rest
Y’all slaving for JzaDdefferson
I could make you a better man
My words is the Gospel. ,, iii8ug
Scary like Hostel
Sometime’s they’re hostel
But they church like Apostle
Preach, Tabernacle
Fly like terydactle
Crocadile, gator shoes
Big like the apple
Posted like Rodman
Power like Rodham
Karl Malone, Special Delivery
Track Name: Tombstone
The long unawaited
None anticipated
Bust it...
Excuse me, I ejaculated
Come one, Come all
See the blood, sweat and theory
I’m show enough gonna ball
I don’t think y’all niggas hear me
Come up out that closet
Nigga where’s your logic
Niggas dress stupid
Niggas wear their logic
Harsher than grapefruit
with 80 proof Abusolut
And a touch Holly Berry
Oops that’s my sweet tooth
Sweet black baby Jesus
The worlds world needs this
Can’t be defined
Outside my own my own thesis
Poltergeist the getter
You can call me nigger
And talk like a dick
But maybe mine bigger
What’s up with it
Zcaine go buck with it
Bucktooth busters
ain’t worth a Buck 50
New York City, New York City
This Southeast Georgia, come fuck with me
Uh... I’m liver than a bad bitch
Talk her out that snatch, excuse me Brad Pitt
It feels so magnifico
Holy San Exiquio
Light up the sacrament
Praise God for miracles
Sun lord and majesty
of the rap galaxy
#1 head band
Snatched out your afro
Hip hop mastery
Actually Factually
You is a dead man
fucking with an asshole

Uh... once upon a time
Had to murk me a beat with a murderish rhyme
I know heard of my grind
Suspect nigga never heard of your kind
Excuse me, I’m ahead my time
Smoke that good, call it optimus prime
E-Z, I ain’t hard to find
I’m out chere nigga gettin mine
So Get Yours like Wu Tang did
Or get choked by this shoestring dig
Give a fuck who the fuck you is
I do it for the children, but fuck them kids
You better learn who the fuck I is
Poltergeist get it, oh yes I did
I’m left side like Left Eye chick
I’m B.I like that Bedstuy kid
Kick dirt, nigga, best beat feet
Dead prez, nigga, let’s get free
I go hard like a shopping spree
I call game like a referee
So respect the G
Good like a soul food recipe
Do you want to mess with me
Top notch, whole nother pedigree
Get it, nigga, that’s my name
Y’all bullshitting, nigga, that’s so lame
I take aim like I’m Curt Kobain
Make nigga dance like he on Soul Train
Hold up, watch me do my thang
I’m in your hood like that cooked cocain
I’m ain’t even from there I’m so damn alien
Straight up out of nowhere, that’s my alias
Lord Stephen taught me the elagance
Georgia go hard, we ATLiens
Liberty County is where I’m from
Raised by Patriots, we all got guns!

Body Niggas!

And the South will raise again..
And the niggas made it happen.

RIP Old Dirty Bastard.
I’m the Osirus of this shit!
Mosque, Propagate, Holy Shrine
Get your weight up or get yours ate up with your tiny classified pants wearing ass.
Pass that popifferry