I Hear It

from by Poltergeist

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Beanie Sigel, I see you

(Primal beat)

Go where they won’t they go
Move where they don’t know
Twist one for the dolo
This one for the solo
Blow or we won’t grow
Blow on that hydro
Fuck you and so so
What you got on my doe
Vato in the lo lo
Up in Espan Yo Yo
Used to bump Yo Yo
But that was a long time ago
Mad long rhyme ago
This a different a episode
Realest lie I ever told
Stole it like a cameo
Raised like an animal
Eat like a cannibal
Broke bread with Hannibal
Poltergeist tyrannical
Looking at her cantaloupes
I wonder if we can elope
Incredible like the Hulk
Murder that She never wrote
This the Raven and I quote
Wes Craven’s what I smoke
Calm and collective flow
Floating from out my throat
Cleaner than Zest soap
Dirtier than cut dope
Would say I’m cutthroat
If it wasn’t for your cut throat

i can hear him coming in the air tonight

(I hear them trees talk)

Verse 2

Expert with gun in hand
Move it like I’m Cunningham
Family like you mother and
Father, son and daughter and
the family doberman
My style is doper than
Weed, X, Coca and
Oxicotin Vicatin
Judge like I’m Taliban
Love, never heard of that
Kill like Roberta Flack
That’s my nigga, Samurai Jack
Clean like aristocrat
But he got the pistol strap
Me, I ‘m just a diplomat
I’m in it for the dental plan
Yes I am the Son of Man
I profit like Abraham
Deadly like a NATO plan
Stab you in you naval gland
Play you like the Naval band
High of that basil grass
Popping like J-Lo’s ass
Suffering like succatash
Run up in that sucka’s stash
Whip that motherfucker’s ass
Out, disappearing act
Dip like a lightning flash
Twist up back at lab
Gone of that Devil’s hash
Smashed like shattered glass
Blown like scattered ash

I hear them trees talk


from The Black Death, released March 12, 2013
Written, performed, mixed and produced by E. Cooper-Anderson for Tetractys Productions LLC.

Mastered by Sage Audio Mastering



all rights reserved


Poltergeist Santa Fe, New Mexico

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