RIP San Exiquio

from by Poltergeist

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All I need is one blunt..

All I know is Optimo
please excuse me while I dro
Jesus Christ, Water Flow
The late Great San Exiquio

Call me Poltergiest get it and a nigga got it
Move like the drugs, Afghan narcotic
So unbeatiful, anti melodic
Speak so devilish, but I’m pro Prophet
Self taught by Elijah Muhammad
Raised by Ralph, the Seal of the Prophets
Allahuakbar, Zcaine a rock star
Polter the Bully developed by Rock Star
Red Dead Redemption, used to skip detention
Remind me I’m the illest if I forget to mention
I was taught to respect all thing sentient
But I was sent to bring God to this dimension
Know thyself theory, love Beverly Clearly
Hold Judy Blume dearly, for the children really
Scholar if you hear me, prove that you feel me
Black as manure, I’m the shit really

Call me Poltegeist get it and you already know it
I’m an unlettered scholar and a African poet
Float like I’m Moses, parting the crowd
I don’t puff Wu, but I fuck with that Loud
Steve Rifkind should get back to sniffin
And catch something so dope fresh from the kitchen
I move chickens, Atlanta I listen
So fuck all them old ass niggas that’s dissin
They robbin the children, destroying not building
But what a wonderful feeling when I’m up in the building
Lucky Luciano, move like Sopranos
Frank Nitti with hands like Rocky Marciano
The Black Hand controlled by the black man
So serious like India and Pakistan
Bomb like my is name Rebel INS
Get paid like tax, Polter IRS

Call me Porltergeist get it and you got got
Don’t get me started or I will dead the spot
Own .380, might have a glock
If I’m up in you lady she’ll be loving the...
Hold up, wait a cottonpicking minute
Get rich like who? off picking cottonpicking women
I’m Nolan Ryan and this the 9th inning
pitch after pitch with nann nigga hittin
Fo sho sho, Let me teach like a dojo
Slick like your pastor preaching that gospel
Nasty Nasdaq crashed your Dow Jones
Left it untitled because who would have known
That the undead would rise and crush microphones
Equality’s my name get played like Xylophones
Fucking with I better take you a Q
U ain’t getting shit from me but and IOU

Peace to the pioneers and when y’all go may you rest in it.


from The Black Death, released March 12, 2013
Written, performed, mixed and produced by E. Cooper-Anderson for Tetractys Productions LLC.

Mastered by Sage Audio Mastering



all rights reserved


Poltergeist Santa Fe, New Mexico

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