The Watchers

from by Poltergeist

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Oh..! you spinning wheel like Sajack
Well.., my niggas bout to dead that
Oh..! you balling like Steve Nash
Well.., my niggas bout to dead that.. shh
We move like Bin Laden ... shh
And my niggas been plottin... shh
And we know that they watching... shh
But we watching the watchers...

mobb deep

I break bread, ribs, call me 100 dollar P
HNIC, but ain’t with Mobb Deep
But I’m deep with mob, got work like a job
Beefing with the bull get you ate like the hog
Strike at your artery once you get the starting me
Murder these cats, but Obama might pardon me
Excuse me, pardon me, goons on the party scene
Daughter getting potty trained, smack you with her potty seat
Poltergeist dead the shit, Hip Hop president
Feds say it’s evident, rapper slash terrorist
Fuck what you represent, me I’m too elegant
Big like an elephant, Please keep Pelican
Brief, muhfucka, Breath, muhfucka
Ain’t seen nan nattah like me mufucka
Poltergeist get it though, Holy San Exiquio
Bitches talking hella shit, I’m too deaf to hear em though

Verse 2, even more deadly the first
Needles in your head, man it only gets worse
First thing first, I need a new hearse
You putting in that work or you put inside the earth
6 in the dirt, Super Soakers squirt
Fuck these bitches, whistle while I twerk
And fuck these snitches, they might get hurt
That’s promise not a threat and I put in a verse
Call me dark matter, the only the one that matters
Run rings around niggas like the rings around Saturn
My pockets getting fatter, My anger’s getting madder
PTSD, my thoughts are mad scattered
You mad the Hatter, I move like data
Poltergeist Jackson, now niggas who’s badder
Feds check the chatter, but they can’t add up
How I’m a nigga so slim but he fat like Albert


from The Black Death, released March 12, 2013
Written, performed, mixed and produced by E. Cooper-Anderson for Tetractys Productions LLC.

Mastered by Sage Audio Mastering



all rights reserved


Poltergeist Santa Fe, New Mexico

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