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The long unawaited
None anticipated
Bust it...
Excuse me, I ejaculated
Come one, Come all
See the blood, sweat and theory
I’m show enough gonna ball
I don’t think y’all niggas hear me
Come up out that closet
Nigga where’s your logic
Niggas dress stupid
Niggas wear their logic
Harsher than grapefruit
with 80 proof Abusolut
And a touch Holly Berry
Oops that’s my sweet tooth
Sweet black baby Jesus
The worlds world needs this
Can’t be defined
Outside my own my own thesis
Poltergeist the getter
You can call me nigger
And talk like a dick
But maybe mine bigger
What’s up with it
Zcaine go buck with it
Bucktooth busters
ain’t worth a Buck 50
New York City, New York City
This Southeast Georgia, come fuck with me
Uh... I’m liver than a bad bitch
Talk her out that snatch, excuse me Brad Pitt
It feels so magnifico
Holy San Exiquio
Light up the sacrament
Praise God for miracles
Sun lord and majesty
of the rap galaxy
#1 head band
Snatched out your afro
Hip hop mastery
Actually Factually
You is a dead man
fucking with an asshole

Uh... once upon a time
Had to murk me a beat with a murderish rhyme
I know heard of my grind
Suspect nigga never heard of your kind
Excuse me, I’m ahead my time
Smoke that good, call it optimus prime
E-Z, I ain’t hard to find
I’m out chere nigga gettin mine
So Get Yours like Wu Tang did
Or get choked by this shoestring dig
Give a fuck who the fuck you is
I do it for the children, but fuck them kids
You better learn who the fuck I is
Poltergeist get it, oh yes I did
I’m left side like Left Eye chick
I’m B.I like that Bedstuy kid
Kick dirt, nigga, best beat feet
Dead prez, nigga, let’s get free
I go hard like a shopping spree
I call game like a referee
So respect the G
Good like a soul food recipe
Do you want to mess with me
Top notch, whole nother pedigree
Get it, nigga, that’s my name
Y’all bullshitting, nigga, that’s so lame
I take aim like I’m Curt Kobain
Make nigga dance like he on Soul Train
Hold up, watch me do my thang
I’m in your hood like that cooked cocain
I’m ain’t even from there I’m so damn alien
Straight up out of nowhere, that’s my alias
Lord Stephen taught me the elagance
Georgia go hard, we ATLiens
Liberty County is where I’m from
Raised by Patriots, we all got guns!

Body Niggas!

And the South will raise again..
And the niggas made it happen.

RIP Old Dirty Bastard.
I’m the Osirus of this shit!
Mosque, Propagate, Holy Shrine
Get your weight up or get yours ate up with your tiny classified pants wearing ass.
Pass that popifferry


from The Black Death, released March 12, 2013
Written, performed, mixed and produced by E. Cooper-Anderson for Tetractys Productions LLC.

Mastered by Sage Audio Mastering



all rights reserved


Poltergeist Santa Fe, New Mexico

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