A Beautiful Mind (Dream) [feat GSB of AudioSociety]

from by Poltergeist

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Featuring GSB of AudioSociety


Verse 2

Fascist dream of the day that they gain mind control
They ain’t dreaming, It’s enough to Hussein a hole
Then I woke up, business up, voluptu bucks
Million dollars Dreams, Dibiase, armor trucks
Platinum shovels for ditch digging young niggaz
Only yesterday that they used to hung niggaz
Imagine dreaming of the day when chains is gone
Hijackers still alive even when the planes is gone
They made us King Kong, dreaming, maybe Tokyo
Tricknology odyssey, watch the okee doke
Hokey dokey, you dance like the Hokey Pokey
When the dreamers roll up you rollie pollie
Holy Moly, Musa, & Yacub
We guide them like stars on the nautical
In my cubicle hacking out my next move
Real discriminative, that’s how the vets move
Didn’t say it, fuck you if you didn’t play it
Smoke wise for the unwise who didn’t make it
Who got tricked out the streets, Slim Dunk
I love my niggaz, so I smoke big blunts
That shit kick, it hit like it was two Chucks
The high swing around again like its nunchucks
Then I’m Bruce Lee, one with water, son
Sonning niggas, but I only got a daughter, son
Beginning was the Word and the Word was with Gen
Then Poltergeist rose from the Grave of Sin
Battle with the devil, Elijah Muhammad
Allahu Akbar, Peace to the Prophets
The 7th scroll open and I seen myself in it
Type to curse the Captain and smack the Lieutenant
Respect is earned, I see Babylon burn
The fire ignites the light in the George Burns
Dreamed with Penobscots on Indian Island
Where ain’t shit sweet, but children is smilng
Sipping sweet chai with a young ass Iraqi nigga
72 virgins,a happy nigga

Thanks for setting this off, Gen!


from The Black Death, released March 12, 2013
Written, performed, mixed and produced by E. Cooper-Anderson for Tetractys Productions LLC.

Co-Written and co-mixed by A. Green for ASI Records Inc.

Master by Sage Audio Mastering



all rights reserved


Poltergeist Santa Fe, New Mexico

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